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Welcome to Cecil & Lisa Paxton Ministries!

Cecil & LisaWelcome to Cecil and Lisa Paxton Ministries! We are excited that you have taken the time to check out our website! We have many exciting teaching resources and information for you to access and you are welcome to browse through our web pages for more indepth insight.

Through the ministry of this website we are able to go into nations all around the world and impact millions of people with the life-changing love and grace of God.

Free Gift! For checking out our website we have a gift for you. You may receive, free of charge, a download of our single teaching entitled How to Receive and Minister the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Just click on the link below, click on Add to Cart, Proceed Through Checkout, and go through the  checkout process and the free download MP3 file will be put into your account. You may then download the MP3 file to your computer and play it whenever you want!  Click Here to receive your free download teaching!

LADIES! Lisa is holding her first Women's Conference here in Colorado Springs on Saturday, September 20th. We invite you to join us for a day of love, joy, and refreshing in the Lord as you experience anew His Abounding Love! Come enjoy the praise and worship, teaching, lunch, and personal ministry time! Click here for more information or call 719-243-4100 to register.

We are also very excited to be purchasing our first ministry building. Here are pictures of our new Ministry Training Center. If you wish to give towards the purchase of this building, click here.

Enjoy discovering who we are and we look forward to hearing from you!

Cecil and Lisa Paxton